Founder and President

Sergio M. Serritella

Sergio is widely recognized for his work on high-profile criminal and civil cases, as well as providing strategic consulting for executives, celebrities, and professional athletes.

He has worked with both the government and the defense on cases that made headlines – and others which, just as importantly, he has helped keep out of the news.

Because sleep is overrated, he also works with legal clinics at top law schools across the country and lectures at elite universities. Sergio is a forensics and firearms expert who has served at the pleasure of legislators in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly, advising them on matters of criminal justice and ex-offender re-entry.

As a proud dual-citizen of the United States and Italy, Sergio is honored to have been named Chairman of Chicago’s 71st Columbus Day Parade, which coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the Sister City relationship between Milan and Chicago. And he’s a sucker for his rescue pit bull, Stella.